The Crescent Newsletter - Spring 2021 Issue

The Crescent Newsletter - Spring 2021 Issue

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Iota Xi Chapter 
Crescent Newsletter 2021 Issue |
On behalf of the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Iota Xi Chapter, we thank you for your continued support throughout the semester. Florida Tech has continued operating in a COVID safe manner, offering students the option to attend classes online or in person. Florida Tech has, however, announced they are planning to return to full in-person instruction and operations at the start of the Fall 2021 Semester. We hope to return to normal operations by the start of the next semester, as we have already returned most events to in-person with a face mask.
Words from our President
Sam Naeher
With under a month left to go in this spring semester, I would like to say congratulations on making it through another challenging academic year. Congratulations to all those who are graduating, and good luck in your future educational and professional endeavors.
This semester and the last have been an interesting time, to say the least. While we have had to adapt to a new way of education and life in general, our chapter has stayed constant. With a limited number of opportunities to see each other face to face, we have still done our best to grow and get the most out of our fraternity experience.
Let us keep looking forward and push through these times as I am confident things will start to return to normal soon.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep smiling.
Sam Naeher
Iota Xi Chapter
Alumni Spotlight
Joseph Uva
I joined the Iota Xi chapter in the Fall of 2017. At the time I was in search of something greater than myself. I found a home in the brotherhood, and for this I will forever be grateful. From my early time in the fraternity, I felt a calling to pursue leadership positions and help build our organization to new heights. I started off with Director of Standards position (at the time it was called Sargent-At-Arms) and in this role I discovered my affinity for technical writing and the complexities of writing regulations. This role helped me to realize that you can only receive as much from the fraternity as you give to her. If you dedicate your time and talents to better our chapter, you will also grow. This could be no more apparent than when I had the honor to attend the President/Advisor Retreat. Here I was able to network with fellow chapter presidents from across the country. I learned that the struggles our chapter faces were not completely unique, and I found a strong bond in knowing that we were all truly going through the same thing. I can think of nothing more humbling than taking on challenging leadership positions in our fraternity, and I cannot urge our actives enough that it will never be a mistake to dedicate your talents to the fraternity. You will take that experience with you forever into your life after college, and it will serve you well. Continue to commit yourselves to lives of excellence!
Member Spotlight
Tanner Crampton
Tanner was the previous president of the fraternity and played a critical role in transitioning to online activities during the pandemic. Tanner was able to effectively lead the chapter to success despite the unique and unfamiliar circumstances. Formal and Informal Chapters were transitioned online using Zoom. Additionally, Tanner showed impressive leadership throughout his presidency and continues to serve the fraternity in many ways. We cannot thank him enough for his work, and thus we would like to shine a light on recognize his accomplishments. 
2020-2021 Court of Honor
The Iota Xi Chapter of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity at Florida Tech has received the Court of Honor for the 2020 year. This means that our chapter is within the top 20 Delta Tau Delta Chapters nationwide, based on the scoring of the FAAR Report. This chapter has shown impressive and outstanding work throughout COVID. There were some difficult times and many struggles along the way, including transitioning to online and dealing with the new rules and regulations put on fraternities during this time. Despite this, the chapter was able to pull through and prove just how amazing this chapter is. We exceeded our own expectations giving all the brothers something they can be proud of. During this time, the brothers in the chapter were relentlessly looking for opportunities to get the brothers together. Although we were unsuccessful in getting in-person events until recently, the conviction and determination of brothers to try and make this happen are what I am trying to highlight. Hopefully, after returning in person next semester, we can bring the motivation and excellence even higher, surpassing previous years and improving the chapter as a whole.
 JDRF Esports Tournament Philanthropy

Due to COVID-19, our chapter was unable to host our traditional soap hockey philanthropy event, so instead, the brothers decided to host an online E-sports Tournament. For the past two semesters (Fall 2020 and Spring 2021), the event has taken place and has had overwhelming success. The Chapter has raised roughly $2000 with the two events combined, surpassing our fundraising goals by a mile.

The first event in Fall included Fifa, Rocket League, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. At the same time, the second event in the Spring included Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Valorant, Call of Duty: Cold War, and Rocket League.

This event was great given the circumstances; students and brothers could participate from their homes without risking contact with COVID. It provides the participants with competition and fun as you meet other people in the community who play the same games as you. Not only that, but the chapter was able to raise more money than ever before. Additionally, the chapter reached out to a new community with this event expanding the chapter's reach within the Florida Tech Community. The only downside to this event was the lack of in-person interactions with brothers and participants. 

Florida Tech Ranked as Top Florida School by
Source: Florida Tech News, a Seattle-based resource for student higher education planning, has ranked Florida Tech number 4 out of 150 public and private schools in Florida. Only bested by the major public universities of Florida (FSU, UCF, and UF). Florida Tech was deemed the "Best Tech School" in the report, earning a 98.06 "Intelligent Score" out of 100.

Additionally, other reports conducted by ranked some of Florida Tech's degree program as some of the best on a national scale. Some of those noted in the Florida Tech article include: Master's in Database Management (no. 14), Master's in Biotechnology (No. 16), MBA in Information Technology (No. 23), and Software Engineering Degree Programs (No. 25).

Brothers for Life
Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Iota Xi Chapter
Committed to Lives of Excellence
All members of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity live by the core principles of Truth, Courage, Faith and Power.
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