About Us


Our Core Values

The Values of the Fraternity are:

Truth, Courage, Faith and Power are Our Foundation

Integrity is Essential

Accountability is Fundamental to All Commitments

Lifelong Learning and Growth are Vital

Strengthening Community is Essential to Our Vitality

Brotherhood Sustains Us

Our Accomplishments

The long-term accomplishments of the Fraternity are:

  • We Create Opportunities for Our Members to Learn and Live Lives of Excellence
  • Our Chapters’ Operations and Programs Reflect Our Commitment to Excellence
  • We are a Growing Organization
  • Our Membership is Committed to Lifelong Involvement in the Fraternity
  • We are an Academic Leader in the Fraternity World
  • We are a Financially Vital Organization
  • We are a Seamless Organization

Our Mission

The Mission of the Fraternity isCOMMITTED TO LIVES OF EXCELLENCE .