The Crescent Newsletter - Fall 2020 Issue

The Crescent Newsletter - Fall 2020 Issue

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Iota Xi Chapter 
Crescent Newsletter 2020 Issue ||
On behalf of the Delta Tau Delta Iota Xi Chapter, we thank you for your continued support during the pandemic and semester. This semester we experienced changes in student activities and class environments with both in-person and virtual options, that have been extended to the Spring 2021 semester. Pass/No Credit has also been extended to the Fall 2020 term. The deadline for requesting a Pass/No Credit grading option is December 18, 2020, and this is a firm deadline as per Vice President Dr. Carvalho. I have provided a link below to the form needed to be filled out and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Florida Tech continues to monitor all Covid-19 related incidences and send out updates. 
Words from our President
Tanner Crampton
Another semester in the books. As my term comes to an end I can confidently say I think we all have learned a lot over this past year. A couple of updates I have, the New Iota Xi president is Samuel Naeher. He is a current Junior studying Aviation Management. I am super excited to see where and how his executive board continues to grow our chapter! The FAAR has been submitted along with the Greek Life 5-Star Chapter program. All in-person events have been cancelled, and installations will be held virtually. It has been a pleasure working and conducting Fraternity Business this past year. Have a GREAT Holiday season, and of course, stay safe.
Tanner Crampton

Alumni Spotlight

Ismaldo Matias

When I joined Delta Tau Delta in the Fall of 2014, I wasn’t 100% sure that I had joined the right Fraternity. It wasn’t until I attended Ignite and started taking up leadership positions that I realized what the Fraternity really had to offer and what brotherhood really meant. Now I can say that joining Delta Tau Delta was the best decision I made during my undergraduate years. It was the main reason I decided to stay at Florida Tech and what got me through some tough times. During my active years in the chapter, I served as the Director of Recruitment, the New Member Educator, and on various committees. My time in the chapter taught me valuable leadership skills, time management, to be open-minded and adaptable. I walked away with some great memories and lifelong friends. In Delta Tau Delta you truly get out what you put in. So I encourage the actives to take advantage of the opportunities the Fraternity has to offer, attend Ignite, and take up a position. The only reason I have the job I have today is because of my experience and accomplishments as Director of Recruitment my sophomore year. So pay attention to the lessons you learn and always strive to better yourself and those around you each and every day.

Member Spotlight

Sam Ce Su has been a key member in our fraternity, going on five years as an active member, currently pursuing his Ph.D. All while being the Director of Communications for two and a half years, Director of Finance for one and half years, and Director of Risk Education for one year. No one has put more time into our chapter than he has. We thank you for your continued brotherhood and time spent with us. 

Florida Tech Hardware Installed in Large Hadron Collider

Source: Florida Tech Newsroom

New hardware for the detection of subatomic particles built by the Florida Tech High Energy Physics group was installed this fall in the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) operated by CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. The installation is the first of a series of sub-system upgrades to the CMS experiment that will allow it to operate at a five-fold-increased proton-proton collision rate at the LHC.

Last month, the collaboration completed the underground installation of all GEM detectors in the endcap “nose” of the CMS muon detection system. This sub-system detects and analyzes muons, an elementary particle and heavier cousin of the familiar electron. Muons are an important tool in particle physics because they are relatively easy to detect, and many interesting, short-lived particles decay into muons. In fact, earlier this year, the CMS collaboration reported the first experimental evidence for rare decays of the famed Higgs boson into two muons – in essence confirming a prediction by the standard model of particle physics.

The new GEM detectors are now being commissioned at CERN to run in concert with the other CMS sub-detectors to get them ready for detecting muons from collisions in 2021. That is when the LHC and the associated accelerator complex will resume operations after a shutdown for maintenance and upgrades.

Florida Tech Postpones Homecoming to Spring 2021

Florida Tech’s 2020 Homecoming festivities have been shifted from October to Spring 2021 as the university continues to respond proactively to the COVID-19 pandemic and seeks to ensure the safety of guests at the popular annual celebration.

With municipal restrictions in place for large gatherings, and campus-based safety precautions that include limited public access, the postponement of the multi-day event was the sensible approach to preserving Homecoming and presenting it next year, said Bino Campanini, senior vice president of student life and alumni affairs.

“It is our hope to be able to offer our students and alumni all of the same activities and events, including the 5K run/walk, Homecoming Fest with the free concert in downtown Melbourne, and the Florida Tech Gala here on campus,” Campanini said. “We’ll continue to assess the challenges and public safety concerns and make final decisions as we get closer to the spring semester.”

The Homecoming theme “Relentless Twenties” will remain for the spring 2021 celebration.




Florida Tech raised $3,447 in November for the Movember charity dedicated to changing the face of Men's Health. Our very own brother, Jonathan Blackshear, being the point of contact for our University. With the help of our own brothers, Sparsh Kumar, Tyler Rice, Luis Moriyon, and Tre Mason. Movember is dedicated to Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, Prostate Cancer, and Testicular Cancer. By 2030, they aim to reduce men dying prematurely by 25%. 



Florida Tech Among Global Leaders in Climate Action

Source: Florida Tech Newsroom


MELBOURNE, FLA. — Florida Tech is among the global leaders in Climate Action, according to new rankings from Times Higher Education that recognize universities across the world for their social and economic impact based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


Florida Tech was No. 36 out of 376 institutions from 70 countries in the Climate Action ranking in the 2020 THE Impact Rankings released this week. The Melbourne university was the only Florida-based school in the ranking and one of just 14 U.S. universities total, with the others including MIT, Loyola and American University.


The metrics examined in Climate Action included publication citations, research on climate action, low-carbon energy use, environmental education measures such as local programs on climate, and commitment to becoming a carbon-neutral university.


Your inclusion in these rankings is in itself a great achievement and it marks your institution out as a global pioneer – demonstrating commitment not just to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals through its teaching, research and knowledge transfer, but also to embodying the goals in your institution’s internal practices, policies and procedures and providing verifiable evidence of your activities,” THE said in announcing the rankings.



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