The Crescent Newsletter - Spring 2019 Issue

The Crescent Newsletter - Spring 2019 Issue

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Iota Xi Chapter
Newsletter 2019 Issue I
Dear Brothers,
After the spring semester of 2018, the chapter has almost doubled its size after the farewell of the graduating class. These selected individuals have unlocked a higher potential for greatness in the upcoming years. We have made great strides to improve and grow our chapter, and we must continue to work hard. As we reach milestones, we must find more magnificent peaks to climb. We must not sacrifice our values to reach those heightened peaks. We cannot rise without keeping our values at the core of our livelihood. As we continue to pursue our academic career, and continue to expand our presence on campus and within the community, do not lose sight of our goal, commit lives to excellence. 
Message from the President
Joseph Uva
It has been a very scholastically and administratively challenging year for the Iota Xi chapter of Delta Tau Delta. We are ending the academic year off with a 19  new member class that are all eager to learn and depict the morals and values of our chapter. While this may be small for state school standards, we are pleased to announce that Iota Xi has succeeded in the spot for 2nd largest fraternity on campus. While we are still known as the gentleman on campus, we continue to grow our philanthropy to give back to such an important cause, JDRF. We exicuted a GREAT philanthropy that was sponsored by local buisnesses. In all, we raised 310 dollars for JDRF, which doesn't seem like much, but it is significant for our recent history.  An accomplishment that boosted morale in our growing state was the implementation of installing hardwood flooring in our chapter room, which has been a cement slab since we moved into the house six years ago. Our formal took place at the National aerospace and space administration (NASA) at their rocket garden, which was a huge hit and a great last hurrah for our graduating seniors! To end off the year, our consultant came to visit. He attended our formal and seemed to enjoy himself. Our Executive members met and deliberated with him to come up with future goals to improve the chapter and hit the ground running for the new semester. After a great year of hitting milestones, we together as a brotherhood were able to regain court of honor status from the GREAT southern division conference. I want to say to all my fellow brothers and alum, Thank you for a GREAT semester, and I am proud of what we were able to to be and accomplish. 
Division 2019
Delta Tau Delta Fertrtnity Iota Xi Chapter attended the GREAT Southern Division last December with an influential 13 active members present. Throughout the weekend, Delts attended the educational sessions that strengthen either the role they currently hold or give enlightening ideas for those wanting to run for exec positions.  The chapter was presented with the Court of Honor award (one of the most accomplished 20 chapter's nationwide), as well as an award for excellence in campus involvement.  Among other awards in which the chapter was presented with was the Above Male Average/Above FraternIty Average GPA award.  The conference was a GREAT way to get some brother bonding and show the New guys what to look forward too. 
 Alumni Advisory Team Members
Stephen Butalla
Chapter Assistant Advisor
Matthew Kyle
Ritual Advisor
Eric Mcsheehy
Philanthropy Advisor
From this year, the Iota Xi chapter starts has its own alumni advisory team. Currently, we have three new members on board, Stephen Butalla as Assistant Advisor, Matthew Kyle as Ritual Advisor, and Eric Mcsheehy Philanthropy Advisor.
Stephen Butalla will advise the chapter Administrative Committee, periodically attend the administrative committee meetings. He will help administer new programs and policies.
Matthew Kyle will compose a Ritual education program in conjunction with the chapter Guide and Director of Member Development. He will serve as the primary back up to the Chapter Advisor in his Ritual duties, also assist the chapter in mastering all Ritual Ceremonies. Furthermore, he will inspect and validate that Ritual equipment is maintained and within specifications.
Eric Mcsheehy will assist the chapter philanthropy chairman in the development and sustainment of long-term philanthropy programs. He will help to develop relationships with organizations within the community that are in line with the Fraternity's values and mission statement. 
The Alumni Advisory Team still needs help, if you are interested, please contact the chapter advisor Rodd Newcombe. 
2019 Spring New Member Class
We welcome with open arms the recently initiated brothers of Delta Tau Delta Fraternities Rho Class.  Brother Markus Wolkenstein is a current sophomore in the Aerospace Engineering program.  He is originally from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey and some of his hobbies include making music and scuba diving.  Brother Sam Naeher hails from Falls Church, Virginia.  He is a sophomore currently studying Aviation Management with a minor in Unmanned Aerial Systems.  Sam is a unique individual as he has lived in the Middle East for six years.  Markus and Sam are the two extraordinary individuals who chose to rush Delts in the spring semester of 2019.
JDRF Soap Hockey Philanthropy Event
During the spring semester, our chapter hosted the JDRF philanthropy Soap Hockey event. Also, the event sponsored by Old School Pizza. For next semester, we will add one more sponsorship with Wawa. We stationed brothers at the table every day for the week leading up to the event.  This semester, around 50 people came out to play, and the chapter raised a total of $310. For our next philanthropy in November of 2019, we hope to do better than the previous.
Chapter Phone Number
Now our chapter has an official phone number.
(321) 405-2156
Please feel free to call or text us, if you require any further information about the chapter.
Florida Tech Re-branding
Source: Crimson
Authentic. Resonant. Cohesive.
These are the intended qualities in Florida Tech's new brand platform, "The Relentless Pursuit of Greatness," according to Florida Tech's Marketing and Communications department.
The new brand debuted May 1. Vice president of Marketing and Communications said the unified platform would aid in bringing positive attention to Florida Tech, increasing the value of students' degrees by having a "louder megaphone to tell stories."

Upcoming Events 

  • Sep 27 - Formal Chapter & New Member Ceremony
  • Sep 28 - Delt Island Clean Up
  • Oct 18 - Formal Chapter Meeting & Big Brother Ceremony
  • Oct 25 - Formal Chapter Meeting & Initiation
  • Nov 2 - Soap Hockey Philanthropy Event
  • Nov 9 - Elections
  • Nov 15 - Formal Chapter & Officer Installations
  • Nov 15 to 17 - Alumni Weekend (More information coming soon)
  • Nov 22 - Formal Chapter & Senior Send Off
  • Dec 1 - White Elephant
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