The Crescent Newsletter - Fall 2021 Issue

The Crescent Newsletter - Fall 2021 Issue


Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Iota Xi Chapter 
Crescent Newsletter 2021 Issue |
On behalf of the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Iota Xi Chapter, we thank you again for your continued support. We have returned to campus this semester after being virtual for so long due to COVID but we are finally able to once again host in person events! Transitioning back to in person events on campus has allowed our brothers to make more personal face-to-face connections with one another and has allowed us to grow stronger as a brotherhood. COVID was a struggle for our chapter as it was for everyone else, this semester has been a breath of fresh air as we are once again all together. Although there has been some struggle as we are slowly getting back into the swing of things, overall the chapter has seen significant growth in both active members and new members ambitious to join Delta Tau Delta.

Words from our President
Sam Naeher

As my presidency begins to wind down, I would like to take this moment to express my deepest gratitude for the privilege pf serving in this position. I am proud of the fact that we as a chapter have been able to thrive during these challenging times, and am excited to see us grow and flourish for many president to come. It has been a challenging task getting our chapter's operations rolling again as we have the option to host more, although restricted event, but the efforts of all of our brothers have allowed us to hit the ground running, and we hope to carry that momentum moving forward.
As always, stay safe and stay healthy.
Sam Naeher
Iota Xi Chapter

Alumni Spotlight
Jahleel Gomez-Womack

Hey everyone, my name is Jahleel and I joined the Iota Xi chapter in spring of 2017’. My first interest in Delts came the semester before from another brother Izzy, who really persuaded me to join. Safe to say, my only regret was that I didn’t join Delts sooner than i did. I found that Delts really instilled in me, the values of a true brotherhood and what would come to be family. Delts brought about leadership as I held varios positions during my tenure such as VP of Programming to social media chair. It also provided me with the opportunity to attend Ignite to help become a better leader. Through Ignite, i formed friendships with Delts across the country, some of which I still keep in touch with on a regular basis. After becoming Alumni, I look back and realize that Delts has really impacted and shaped me into the man I am today. Truth, Faith, Courage and Power are now words that I try to live by everyday, in every aspect of my life. I look forward to giving back to the chapter for all that it has given to me. To all the new members coming in, Delta Tau Delta is more than just a fraternity, it’s the family away from home that will always have you back. To the actives, continue the commitment to lives of excellence and as always RAH RAH Delts!

Member Spotlight
Miles Medearis

Miles Medearis has been an active member in this fraternity since joining in Fall 2017, making him one of our most senior active members. Miles served as the philanthropy chair during his time with Delts however what makes miles special to this fraternity is his ability to connect with brothers or in other words his brotherhood. He is a funny and very likeable guy, his ability to bring us together as brothers in unparalleled. In addition, Miles is a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate, is working towards his Systems Engineering Masters at Florida Tech and has been able to land an internship at Matrix Composites.

Serve the City

One of our community service events this year was called Serve the City. We partnered with the city of Melbourne to pick up trash starting at the top of Melbourne Avenue down to the boat ramp. The event was a great success and the city was very surprised that we were willing to do an event like this. Overall it was a great experience as our brothers got to bond and impact their community in a positive way!

Chi New Member Class

This semester, Fall 2021, was our first semester back on campus in person after the onset of COVID. It was extremely important for our chapter to push hard on recruitment and bring new members into the brotherhood. Jared Nelson led this effort with some amazing recruitment events and we are proud to say that our Chi new member class will bring 15 members into the fraternity. This is our largest new member class in 5 years! It is our honor to welcome these fine young men into our chapter as we know they will significantly improve the chapter and continue the Delt legacy. They have shown strong knowledge of the values and great ambition throughout their initiation process. This class is a huge win for the chapter especially after the smaller classes during the pandemic.

Florida Tech Receives $5.1 Million Gift to Name Health Sciences Center

Source: Florida Tech News

If you have not already heard Florida Tech is building a new building! It will be located next to the Olin Physical Sciences and Olin Life Sciences Buildings. After a generous donation from longtime dean and professor Gordon L. Nelson, the building will now be name the Gordan L. Nelson Health Sciences building. The donation from Gordon L. Nelson was the largest ever individual donation in Florida Tech's history. Gordan L. Nelson is an accomplished polymer chemist and spent almost his entire career at Florida Tech.

Furthermore, this building's academic focus will be biomedical engineering, biomedical sciences, and health sciences.  The building has a beautiful design and a much more modern look than the already existing building due to the glass exterior. Alike the other buildings in the engineering quad the building will be three stories tall. Finally, the building will feature teaching laboratories for human anatomy, augmented and virtual reality teaching tools, orthopedics, tissue studies, and advanced computational simulations. Overall, the building should double the size of the undergraduate biomedical engineering program to 300 while increasing the size of Florida Tech's premedical program from 150 to 250 students.

If you are looking at Florida Tech for any of those fields you have a lot to look forward to with this new building!


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