The Crescent Newsletter - Spring 2016 Issue

The Crescent Newsletter - Spring 2016 Issue




Hello brothers,

In the past few months, the chapter had several great achievement and also made great progress. We cannot wait to share these achievements with everyone using the newly designed newsletter. Hope everyone loves the new design.

Message from the President
Sean Thompson


For those of you that don’t know me, I am Sean Thompson a second semester sophomore in astrophysics. The part of the semester that has already passed has been one of great experiences and learning lessons for the chapter. As a chapter we are on the rise of experiencing something new, becoming better men than we were the day before, and growing skills that will help impact the chapter as well as the fraternity for the better. The men of this chapter are embodying what it means to be a Delt living their lives through Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power. When you are out in your daily lives remember what it is that makes delt a delt which are the four fundamental principles of Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power; Let these four fundamental principles guide you towards your success.

Have a blessed day.

2016 Northern Division Conference

This year the Southern Division Conference took place in Charleston, S.C. from 11th to 14th. “Rise” is the theme for the 2016 Division Conferences. Conference programming is devoted to the Fraternity’s best tool to measure excellence—the FAAR.  While the FAAR is used to help determine awards, its use goes beyond just achievement. Conference programming will focus on how to use the FAAR as a planning tool for the entire school year.  

·Special recognition for ritual performance/education

·Special recognition as most improved chapter

·Special recognition for outstanding academic programming

·Exceeding the AMA/AFA

·Special recognition as being first on campus academically

·Special recognition for excellent in ROAD programming

·2016 Court of Honor Recipients

The Southern Division President of Delta Tau Delta, Charles “Tiger” Edwards, confirmed during Division that the chapter had a great year. To the left is a list of awards the chapter received.

The chapter received the prestigious Court of Honor award, which is reserved for the top 20 chapters nationwide.

The FAAR provides the chapter, its members and volunteers an opportunity to focus attention and commitment to the principles that make Delta Tau Delta great. In the following years, we believe the chapter will have even bigger achievements.

New website

Although the new website is currently small, our executives make all the functions online before the end of the spring semester.

Currently Features

•Chapter basic information.

•Information about joining us.

Future Features

•Digital copies of past year’s composites.

•News and news comments.

•Member login.


Offical Email address

Did you notice the email address this newsletter was sent with? Now our chapter has an official email address.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The email address is for official communication with public and used for part of official social media account.

So in the future, no matter how the chapter changes, or whomever occupies the Alumni Communication position, anyone will be able to send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get contact with our chapter.

Go to our new website
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2016 Spring new Pledged Member 


Russell Smith

Florida Tech Course Facilitator and Challenge Course Operations


For me it was not a choice between fraternities, but rather the Fraternity that embodied everything I already had sewn into my song. Written prior to our own works, our destiny is carved with the pieces of our life and shaping back along an axis with the personal knowledge that they will connect with all things according to their own. I believe that I was to be a Delta Tau Delta Brother before I or anybody else could even see it. My heart overflows as it is more than just an honor and a privilege, it is a blessing and a challenge not only to myself but to my brothers whom lift each other up and ate to be lifted.


Alumni Spotlight
Rian Mehta

I joined Delta Tau Delta because I saw it as the organization that could help me be the man I wanted to be. The Fraternity along with certain special people in my life are the things that help me strive to be the best version of myself. Delta Tau Delta has taught me so many life lessons and continues to teach me something new every day as an alumnus and as a chapter advisor. The values it has instilled in me resonate in my everyday life and in my relationships with brothers, friends and the ones I love. I am and always will be proud to be a Delt.

Last year, on our school’s 5 star program, we had 501.875(out of 580) be the best chapter on campus. And also here is a list for awards we won in Greek Life Community.

New Member Class Scholarship Award Spring 2015

Retention Award 2015

Community Service Award 2015

Recruitment Award Fall 2015

Most Improved Chapter 2015

Election Results

President:Sean Thompson

Vice President of Member Development:Erik Hutchison

  • Recruitment Chairman:Michael Palmisano

  • New Member Educator:Ryan Piersa

  • Director of Academic Affairs:Patric Johnson

  • Guide:Matt Kyle

Vice President of Programming:Reggie Alex

Treasurer:Zach St. Amand

Director of Risk Management:Alejandro Perez

Sergeant at Arms:David Cisek

Director of Communications:Ce Su

Upcoming Event 

·April 1~9, Greek Week 2016

·April 17, Big Borther ceremony and Right of Iris

·April 20~23, Consultant Visit

·April 22, Initiation Ceremony

·April 23, Formal

·August 3~7, Karnea 2016

·September 17, Philanthropy Event:CrossFit 

·October 10~11, Fall Break

·November 20,  Founder’s Day