The Crescent Newsletter - Fall 2016 Issue

The Crescent Newsletter - Fall 2016 Issue




Hello brothers,

In the past few months, the chapter had several great achievements and also made significant progress. We cannot wait to share these accomplishments with everyone.

Message from the President
Sean Thompson

Dear Brothers,

A month has passed since the beginning of the semester, and in the short amount of time that has passed, it has been a positively successful one. The semester started off strongly with our outstanding Ritual performance at Karnea, which I’m sure you all know is a huge deal and such an honor bestowed upon us, Iota Xi Chapter. Moving on from Karnea lead us into Rush Week. Rush this semester was a very limited one for all chapters, but I’m proud of the 11 new members we got, and I’m sure they will make you all proud as well. After rush ended,the most significant thing that happened was our huge success raising money for JDRF this semester. With the aid of all the brothers (and a special shout out to Reggie Alex and Eric Mcsheehy) we were able to have our most successful philanthropy event in the Iota Xi history, raising over $1,100! The Iota Xi chapter only gets better from here, and I ask that you come along for the ride to help see Iota Xi in its shining excellence. To end, I would just like to say thank you; thank you for giving us this opportunity to rise to excellence. 


Mr.President: Sean T. 

Discover, Transform and Dream at Karnea 2016

Discover, Transform, Dream was our theme for the 2016 Orlando Karnea. Conference programming centered on these key ideas. Karnea has often been called “The Greatest of All Delt Events.” Why is this? Is it because Karnea is the largest gathering of Delts – undergraduate and alumni alike – at any Delta Tau Delta Fraternity event? Perhaps it’s because Karnea is the primary legislative occurrence every two years, the time when the governing documents of the Fraternity can be changed. Or, perhaps, it’s because the Arch Chapter is elected and installed to begin its work in leading the Fraternity. 

Thank You Note 

We would like to take the time to thank all of our alumni for helping out the chapter during our Ritual performance at Karnea. Our chapter was fortunate to have the support of a significant number of alumni that were instrumental in making our performance fantastic. The active involvement of alumni in the chapter’s events and activities is both appreciated and instrumental in helping the chapter aspire to excellence. We have faith that our alumni will continue to be actively involved in our events throughout the year, and we would like to thank you again for all of the support and contributions thus far. 


Delta Tau Delta turns 159 years old this year. This makes her older than all the companies currently listed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. In fact, Delta Tau Delta is 38 years older than the industrial average itself. Delta Tau Delta persists as an elite organization due to an odd dichotomy. On the one hand, she meets the challenges brought about by an ever-changing world. On the other hand, she cherishes her history and tradition. This almost contradictory situation makes the articulation of her brand a challenge. A brand is nothing more than the public essence of an organization. Branding to Delta Tau Delta is not new. The first formal branding exercise occurred in 1996 when the Mission and Values of Delta Tau Delta were firmly established. The brand has evolved over the last 20 years to remain powerful and relevant. 


Keeping the timeless look of the square badge while giving it a modern feel by using rounded edges, the new logo bridges our legacy to the 21st century. The updated colors emphasize a bolder, more dramatic palette. 

Summer Break


Erik Hutchison
Vice President of Member Development

Erik Hutchison, Delta Tau Delta senior, was working hard this summer during his internship at Gainesville Regional Airport. Erik’s internship lasted from June through early August, during which he worked in the operations department of the airport. His primary duties were performing inspections of the airfield and airport, as well as ensuring that standards were met. Along with inspecting the airport and field he was also put in charge of several important tasks, including coordinating management meetings and birthday events. Erik received a valuable education in airport operations on a daily basis through his hands-on experience. Gainesville Regional Airport is owned by the county, which made Erik a government employee for the duration of his internship. It was a great experience that he enjoyed, clearly shown by the hourly array of Snapchats he sent!  

2016 Fall New Members



Nick Pallone

Nick Pallone comes from Long Island, New York. He is attending FIT as a Mechanical Engineering Major. Some of his hobbies include lacrosse and hanging out with friends.


Andrew Nakushian

Andrew Nakushian is an Aviation Management Major from upstate New York. Although flying is not a part of his major, he does enjoy flying on his own time. He also enjoyed playing hockey when he was younger.


Brandon Clarke

Brandon Clarke is a new member from South Carolina. He is an Aerospace Engineering major and is also interested in being involved with the recruitment committee.


Ryan Newstead

Ryan Newstead is a hometown student, from Palm Bay, FL. He is majoring in Software Engineering and has joined the recruitment committee. He also works at Starbucks.


Michael Arenella

Michael Arenella is another new member from Palm Bay, FL. Mike is a Business Management major and is involved in SGA. He enjoys weightlifting in his free time.


Brian Iannuccillo

Brian Iannuccillo is a New Englander from Rhode Island. He is an Aerospace Engineering major. Brian loves to go hiking, and he is also very interested in drones.


Lionel “Will” Maynard

Lionel “Will” Maynard is a student in Business Administration. His hometown is in Virginia where he grew up. He is also involved with FIT’s ROTC program.


Kaan Turker

Kaan Turker is an international student from Turkey. He is a Computer Science major on campus, and he is also in love with Harambe memes. 


Alumni Spotlight
Da'Vel Johnson

Da’Vel Johnson has been a proud member of our chapter since 2011, when he joined during his sophomore year and is now working in Alabama for the National Weather Service. Da’Vel initially joined Delta Tau Delta after making friends with members of the parkour club, football intramurals, dance club, and Res-Life. Da’Vel got his first meteorology job, with the help of Tomiwa Adetoyese-Olagunju, in FIT as a meteorology laboratory assistant. Da’Vel used his experiences as new member educator and as vice president to both talk to and organize people in his career. Da’Vel fondly remembers hanging out with brothers in Husband 101, as well as a long awaited camping trip and many late night trips to the beach. Now, as a public service meteorologist, he’s had to move far away, but he keeps in contact with his little Sean Thompson, as well as other alumni.  

JDRF Philanthropy Event

Crossing Out Diabetes CrossFit Challenge

First initiated by Philanthropy Chair and graduating senior Eric Mcsheehy and Vice President of Programming and junior Reggie Alex in the spring semester, Crossing Out Diabetes was a rigorous CrossFit competition held at 8 AM, September 17th at the CrossFit OwnIt gym on Irwin Ave, West Melbourne. The event had exercises ranging from deadlifts to overhead plate carries, all overseen by trainers of the gym at no expense. The event helped raise not only over $1,100 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation but also awareness for a disease which affects as many as three million Americans, including 450,000 children. Altogether, twelve people formally competed in the event, and the winners are as follows: The winners of the male bracket were James McLane, a local Iota Xi alum, in first, Brandon Clarke, a new member, in second, and Louay Elbiche, a graduating senior, in third. For the female bracket, the winners were Anna Smith in first, Malia Ashmead in second, and Brooklynn Byford in third, all members of Alpha Phi. The chapter solidified this as our new signature event, raising more money for JDRF than any previous event. Purchased for the event were shaker bottles, which are still available for $15, bearing the new Delta Tau Delta logo and the JDRF logo. All proceeds go to JDRF. For further questions regarding the purchasing of shaker bottles, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Delt island

We are proud to announce that we have officially adopted Spoil Island BC44B, AKA "Delt Island," this summer! This is going to be an awesome addition to our already quality community service program and a great tool for other events.

Colony Pledging Ceremony at COFC

Our brothers went to the College of Charleston to do the colony pledging ceremony for the newest Crescent Colony of Delta Tau Delta. As of the ceremony on the 24th of September, the colony had 42 new members. We had the pleasure of meeting these new members of our fraternity as well as the honor of performing the ceremony on behalf of the fraternity as a whole.  

Upcoming Event 

·October 10~11, Fall Break

·October 7, Big Brother

·October 12~15, Homecoming

·October 24~27, I Week

·October 25, ROI

·October 28, Initiation Ceremony

·November 20, Founder’s Day, Alumni Day

·December 7, White Elephant 

·December 17~January 8, Winter Holiday